We pray for our world
to be full of happy travellers again soon.

My name is Zaruq,
Ahmad Zaruq 😉

Manager & Travel Guide at Al-Andalus Experience

I can help you manage any trip, event, business, or need in Spain.

Due to the world situation and Covid travel and local regulations, we have been forced to pause the best part of our service, when we travel with you or your guests into a land beyond time, Al-Andalus. This all said the brains and mechanics of our system are good as ever. If you are a travel professional or you are planning any trips for your company, clients, school group, with family or friends, I can provide assistance and best consultation on all stages of planning and finding the best options for your budget.

I am always happy to hear about new trip plans or travel projects and am 100% here to help. Let me know how you want to go about scheduling a talk to consult your needs. Right now I am in the most flexible position due to the Covid-19 and its effect on tourism and the local economy, we need to keep a positive mind and do our best to make this world a place to travel in again soon. I am ready to work on any great cause.

You can decide how you want to call me! I grew up by Zaruq, keeping ‘Ahmad’ as an inward remembrance for myself and for those who find it more familiar to call me Ahmad. Some people make an emphasis on calling me the full “Ahmad Zaruq”, or “Sidi Ahmad Zarrouq”, to honour who I was named after, a dedicated Muslim Scholar from the 16th Century in Fes, Morocco. I am no scholar, though I have met many and am grateful to all of them, fountains of knowledge, envisioning inspiration and interiorization (ma’rifat).

I started Al-Andalus Experience back in 2007. This was my way to return to my hometown in Granada and also get to know personally different global Muslims and colours of the Ummah as they got the best out of travelling through Spain with my assistance. Literally on the road for a good part of the past 13 years somehow I had before that already come to know every bump on the road from Granada to Cordoba, Toledo and Madrid, and many other Spanish and Andalucian cities. Nowadays I can talk for most of the way if I feel that there is an interest, and there is usually. About the different locations, current traditions, and history behind them. I love most to “connect the dots” and fill in with colour any black and white stereotypes within the shredded history of al-Andalus. Through this, I find common denominators that re-unite my own Christian ancestors to my parents choice of becoming Muslim and my own journey therein. This is an unveiling history which is strongly felt by growing up Muslims in Andalusia today, in my case, it was during the ’80s and ’90s within a very recent democracy here in Spain.

The role of local Muslim youths for this project was essential, and though not being as cohesive as I would have desired, I am happy at heart with my intention to guide travellers and guide other local youths here in doing so for their own living and livelihood. This has now become a tradition amongst Muslim youths, particularly from Granada where there is quite a rich and diverse Muslim community since the ’80s.

This journey has taken me to to learn a lot of history and in the office a bit of online marketing, HTML, content management systems, online sale channels, but mostly to design complex spreadsheets and pull together timed itinerary plans for all group sizes with multiple and variable cost options. This is how I managed to arrange and deliver travel logistics to many different standards for trip organizers of many different global origins and travel styles.

Coming from an office administration and technical background, over the past few years, I’ve tried and tested the most relevant cloud applications and their integrations, particularly applying to online business management, travel and events. The travel and events market being under rapid change brings in online marketing and distribution, event ticketing, dynamic flights and hotel pricing, B2B connections, API data calls, the list gets more and more exciting.

There is a lot of space for collaboration in a vast range of fields to any specific goal. I am currently increasing my knowledge in web app development, to improve user experience online; after investing some years already into learning to program office applications on Google Apps Script, to accelerate the steps of my own travel planning and administration needs. Coping with the high seasons over the past years while cutting my response time by 90% for each inquiry and travelling at the same time, has not been an easy task. I am close to deploying the full 13 years of Al-Andalus Experience, as an online solution for our trips to be planned, and confirmed in one same step, so “real-time”. This may provide more flexibility than actually planning personally every time, by offering the best choices to decide from and combine freely.

Madrid, Spain.